What is In Old News?

It’s a glimpse into the creative process that made some of the most stunning stories on the web possible. We do this through interviews, tutorials, reports and updates. The team behind Qisa Lab started In Old News before they even incorporated the company. And we had to put it on the back burner for a bit to train thousands of journalists from 60+ newsrooms. But that wasn’t the only reason. We also couldn’t dedicate enough time on a regular basis to In Old News. Now that we’ve built a network that needs this content, and now more than ever, we’re relaunching. These 2 years have been a great learning experience in sustainability and diversity, and we want our editorial content to reflect that. We understand that learning is a constant process, that’s why it’s important for us to update our work regularly. If you have any feedback about how we’re expressing our ideas, or things you’re interested in learning about nonfiction content creation and journalism, get in touch!


These are the streams we’ve set out to cover… 


A deep dive into the skill and labour that went into creating a piece of content/series. This is basically a behind the scenes of storytelling.


Straightforward instructions to help you tell your own stories. We’ll help you learn how to use different tools and applications.


How is the media changing and in some ways, not changing enough?


How tech enables and impacts storytelling across geographies and economies. 


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