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About us


In Old News is a place where journalists come together to tell stories, but also to share with others how to tell stories in new ways using new technologies and techniques.

For this, we host events and trainings, and publish stories by them or even about them. Our first milestone was to set up this space in a way that it allows us to explore interesting stories and the work that goes into the storytelling process. Our next milestone is opening it up by finding more people who would like to contribute to it and helping them in either creative or operational or financial capacities. We use funds and grants for media development initiatives to fund our storytelling, series and trainings. This also helps us add more tutorials and guides to our toolbox. Which is used to training journalists and fund their projects.

We are constantly working on improving the stories we publish, how we publish them and who publishes with us. Our efforts manifest in three forms:

  • Stories we tell
  • Projects we do
  • Events we hold


Read, watch and listen to our latest reported stories. And let us show you how even old news can still be relevant.



Support our long-term reporting series and trainings. We work with journalists around the world to experiment with storytelling and storytelling techniques.



Learn new tools and develop your storytelling skills at our online and offline events. We host regular sessions for and by passionate storytellers.