One of our favourite apps to use other than Quik on Android is PowerDirector.

If you don’t have an iPhone, don’t worry — we got you. One of our favourite apps to use other than Quik on Android is PowerDirector. You’ll want to pick PowerDirector when you’re working on a story with multiple layers. You can edit vertical and landscape, and if you want to make a square video, you can crop the video in an app like Video Cropper after you export the completed edit.

When you’re using PowerDirector, you can only add video and photos one at a time into the timeline. Once you’ve dropped everything you want in the timeline, you can shuffle the order. On the top left side of PowerDirector, you have options to add more photo & video layers, music, and text. Careful though! If you have a clip selected, the options will be different. If you’re adding B Roll layers, you’ll only be able to add 2 layers above the main A Roll. Anything more, you’ll probably want to take it to a desktop editor. The text options can feel a little limiting if you’re coming from Quik, and some of the transitions look like they come from the 90s. But you can get creative. Either play around with the text on PowerDirector till you become a pro, or make certain portions on Quik and then add them to you PowerDirector video.

Here’s a good workflow:

  1. Lay out your “A-Roll” on the main timeline. This will be your bites and stand-alone visuals. Make sure you’re happy with this structure before starting on B Roll, otherwise you’ll have problems.
  2. Add your B Roll in order, it will be easier than shuffling around on the timeline.
  3. Add the text on top of your B Roll, again, try to do it in order, which means a lot of planning and storyboarding before you take your story to edit.
  4. Choose your music (and you’ll do better to get free music from YouTube, because PowerDirector options aren’t great.)

PowerDirector limitations:

There are a lot of drawbacks when using PowerDirector. One of the main ones is that if you’re using the free version, you’ll be stuck with the app’s logo on your exported video. You can cover the logo by using a desktop editor, or if you have a friend with the paid version of PowerDirector.

PowerDirector is also annoying because if you’re adding A Roll after wrapping up your B Roll, it will put your B Roll all out of whack, and you’ll have go through it again. That’s why we recommend being super sure you’re done with your A Roll before starting on the B Roll.

PowerDirector pros:

The good thing about PowerDirector is you can import footage from any camera app on your phone, Google Drive, WhatsApp and even GIFs. It also lets you play with text size and colour, as well as shadows around your text so it pops out. This is one thing that makes PowerDirector better than iMovie, though iMovie is a lot better for laying B Roll than PowerDirector.

We’re still waiting for the perfect phone editing app to come out, but a combination of Quik + PowerDirector or Quik + iMovie is a pretty solid starting point.