Just like Quik, iMovie is one of the most handy applications for Mobile Journalists who are just getting started. But unlike Quik which is available both in iOS and Android, iMovie is a product solely for the iOS users. It comes pre-installed with the Apple devices and is an application you want to master for editing.

iMovie has a simple interface, but it can only export landscape videos. You can, however, later use a cropping app to make your video square or vertical. iMovie also allows you to add b-roll to your timeline which gives it an edge over Quik. But the lack of variety in the text templates can be problematic at times. Especially when your footage is very bright.

But despite that, iMovie is one of the best editing applications for any Mobile Journalist on the go.

Take a look at this video: https://youtu.be/B6PWvuLUZR4

This video was the one of the early video reports on how a water shortage in Delhi could lead to death by mob. It was shot completely on phone and was edited just by using iMovie.

iMovie is great if you play with the transitions and is the most effective mobile app for cutting bytes as well. Although the music recommendations are pretty limited, you can download music from YouTube and directly airdrop it to the iMovie file you’re working. It will automatically level the music and you’ll have the finished product to export in no time.

iMovie is also a great precursor for anyone who wants to take up editing through Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere.

If you have an Android phone, try Kinemaster.

Here’s a detailed guide to get you going: https://d2hakk7asmds57.cloudfront.net/cdn/v1/doc/KMUG-4_8-20190110-EN.pdf