The next iPhone is launching this week and prices are expected to be higher. As always, we got nostalgic. Not just about how they put a dent in our pockets, but also at how they’ve competed with Android to change how we watch, communicated and game. The iPhone has resisted a lot of changes, but also set a lot of trends, whether it is multi-touch interface, dropping the headphone jack or the damn notch!

So, with the iPhone now older than a decade, we went back to watch its first launch. it’s also the day Apple computers became Apple. It was 2007, Steve Jobs was on stage to make history again.​

This company that was known for disrupting the personal computer and music business was launching a phone. The phone promised 3 things:

Calls. because that’s the low bar for any phone. Doesn’t necessarily mean all phones did that well. the iPhone was also making conference calls closer to how they are today. You could put someone on hold, take/make another call, go back or merge it into a conference call. All through buttons on the touchscreen. 

Media. The iPhone was the original iPod touch and the final nail in the iPod Classics’coffin. The iPhone made iPods obsolete by packing in your music, shows, podcasts games and more into a phone.

Internet browsing: smartphone were relatively new in the feature phone flooded market of 2007. Apple was going to have to beat Windows and Blackberry to make a space for itself. Only to later share it with Android. And the most important feature that helped Apple do that is to make the internet more portable. The iPhone did emails, browsing and maps. By bringing a desktop-like internet experience to the phone. Apple was making even the websites that didn’t have a mobile version, accessible on the go.

We will also be taking a look at Apple’s journey to $1 Trillion, the evolution of the Apple Watch, iPad, iOS, earphones  and more.