It’s hard to build a YouTube channel these days without paying for your first thousand subscribers. But if you want to guarantee your channel has the best possible chance of doing well, without spending too much (or any!) money, then there are lots of thingsyou can do.

Google and YouTube are hungry for information, so the more information you put in your videos, the better we will do. We’re not talking about what you’re putting in the video, we’re talking about meta-data, like when you shot the video, where you did it, who’s featured. It’s not that simple though, because the information you can give YouTube comes in many forms. 

So if you’re starting out on your channel, check out our course on Udemy. Why should you pay for it? Because we’ve based the course on several years of experience at various newsrooms in Delhi. And we’ve learned how to triple the views for these channels to as high as 15 million monthly views. 

We also won’t fool you into thinking it’s easy, like a lot of YouTubers make it look. Making a successful channel requires hundreds of hours of work, and often it can take more time to get all the meta data right than it takes to make the video to begin with. So for a no nonsense class, check us out on Udemy. 

We’re also happy to answer any questions people have about building a YouTube strategy, we’re always available by email! Let us know what you think.