How do you shoot better video and optimize your videos for social media?

We’ll try to answer that on Wednesday at 11am IST. Freelance journalist Sanshey Biswas and Mongabay digital editor Manon Verchot will host a webinar in the Facebook Journalism Project group (open to journalists from India who join the group).

The future of recording audio on the phone and why it matters

Let’s go back to September 2016. Apple has just announced that the latest iPhone won’t include a headphone jack. They did include a lightning to 3.5 mm adapter in that box, that lets you use your plug-in old headphones/microphones through the charging port. But it won’t let you charge while the port is being used for audio — you’d need a more expensive adapter for that.

A few years later, the dismay surrounding the loss of the headphone jack is a distant memory for users. We’ve made our peace with the dongle life, now that most leading phone companies also dropped headphone jacks, and laptops and tablets following the trend.

Improved battery life has also allowed people who use phone to record a lot to make peace with the inability to charge at the same time. Or get around it with wireless charging, which is standard issue in the latest smartphones.

However, the inevitable transition to a port-less smartphone might prove to be a tougher transition. Apple and other phone makers want you to keep buying phones, and then the (often necessary) accessories like wireless earphones, smartwatches and more.

In the near future, Apple plans on making phones entirely port-less — that means wireless charging and Bluetooth for audio. The problem is, Bluetooth is not really reliable when it comes to recording good quality audio. Devices like the Smartmike+ & Sennheiser Memory Mic have gathered some popularity, but they’re far from perfect. So, the next innovation we get really excited about is truly wireless mics that help you record good audio. Till then, if you want to try it out yourself, you don’t have to go out and buy an expensive Bluetooth mic, use your wireless earphones instead. Apps like MoviePro on iOS and Cinema FV-5 on Android let you pick up audio from Bluetooth headsets while recording video.

Last week, Sanshey and Manon talked about this in more detail during a Facebook Live about all the audio recording options out there for phones. Watch it here.


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