One of the earliest recorded instances of mobile journalism was back in 1995 when Steve Mann—a wearable tech pioneer—used a self-made wearable camera to record a usual day in his life. In the last 25+ years, the potential of mobile photography, mobile videography and using the phone for journalistic purposes has grown manifolds.

Filmmakers, content creators, storytellers and journalists are heavily relying on their mobile equipment and apps to create masterpieces. The upside? It's not bulky and hence convenient, it's pocket friendly and easy to use. But don't just take out word for it. Here are some mobile videos and movies to enunciate that your phones are a whole lot of tech, all rolled into your palms.

How 3-D Printing Prosthetics Can Help Save Endangered Species | Mongabay

One of Mongabay's recent reports on Söckchen, a Secretary bird who was given a 3D printed prosthetic leg in Weltvogelpark Walsrode, a zoo in Northern Germany. The video sourced phone footage from Lars Thalmann, the mechanical engineer who developed the prosthesis. Lars also answered questions sent by the Mongabay team in a series of selfie videos that were included in the final edit. Watch it, here:

Her Dad Was Released From Prison After 24 Years | Hashtag Our Stories

Hashtag Our Stories (HOS) is a global network of mobile storytellers, and so a good source to return to for constant inspiration. One of their recent stories that stuck with us is what Alayah's family had to go through for 24 years while her father was incarcerated for conspiracy charges. Many of Hashtag Our Stories' videos are user-generated and shot on the phone. Watch it here:

Hometown | Shot on iPhone by Phillip Youmans

The youngest Tribeca Film Festival director Philip Youmans shot this movie in honour of Black History Month in February 2021. The movie takes us through the hometowns of 32 visionary black photographers in the United States. The movie is shot on iPhone 12 Pro.

A Film by Jon Gill

"Some of my best work, I did in my pyjamas," says Jon, a filmmaker who reflects on the ongoing pandemic and the work-from-home situation it has put us all in. You can see Jon running around his town carrying his sleek tripod and mobile equipment. The video is shared on the #MoJoFest group on Facebook, which is a good page to bookmark as it's one of the hotspots for the mobile creator community to share their works. Watch the video:

Willy Nicholls, Surfboard Artist | A Film by Rob Layton

Another wonderful movie we picked from #MoJoFest page about Willy Nicholls, a surfboard artist. A film entirely shot and edited on phone by Rob Layton, the film offers a peek into Willy's workshop, his amazing artwork and his passion for doing this. Check out how Rob extensively shares with us his process to create this movie.

Quaran-teen, A Series | RTE

The pandemic shoved us all inside the homes. And while it was difficult for everyone, teens—we assume—had to reinvent the wheel for themselves to find a way to channelise their energies from within the four walls of their houses. Quaran-teen is one such MoJo series documenting the way teens rose to the occasion.

In addition to these, you can also check out the stories from our MoJo fellows on the In Old News YouTube channel. And if you come across any mobile-shot videos or films that stuck with you? Reply to this email and let us know!

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